Evergreen Federal Bank is not for sale to the Fed or
anyone else!

Recent Newspaper headlines state: "Feds will buy stake in banks."


“We are the only account-holder owned bank in Southern Oregon. You are my boss, not investors.”
—Brady Adams

From Brady:

This is the latest idea on how to use the taxpayer funded $700 billion bailout.

Let me say again: “We do not need your tax dollars to bail us out! We are not for sale!

The government could not buy Evergreen even if it wanted to because we are not owned by investors like other banks—we are owned by the over 10,000 people in our community who have accounts with Evergreen. When you open an account with $100, or more, you automatically become an owner of Evergreen Federal Bank. Your ownership can’t be bought or sold—Evergreen can’t be bought or sold.

All the other banks in our area are owned by investors; and the purpose of those banks must be to maximize the value of the stock held by their investors. The management, and staff, of those banks work for the investors who own the bank. I don’t work for stock investors; I, and the staff, work for you. The thousands of you who have trusted Evergreen with your hard earned money are my boss.

Since we are the only bank in our area that is owned by our account holders, not investors, what does this mean to you:

  • Your interest, not a separate group of investors' interests, comes first at Evergreen.
  • Since Evergreen can’t be bought, it allows us to take a long-term approach.
  • Being owned by the community means we give back to the community.


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Our Financial Statement as of September 30, 2008